Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Countdown to Graduation: 18 months

18 months to go until Andy graduates... that's not so long is it? But it seems SO long. I'm trying to have a better attitude and more patience about the waiting process. And meantime, I'm getting more tired and less capable of processing information, especially at work. I'm trying to make peace with the likelihood that I will not be dropping below full time though I so long to.

Instead, I need to find ways to get through the next 18 months... and to try to not only survive it but to enjoy it - to enjoy the boys and my husband, to enjoy work, to enjoy my friends and extended family, to enjoy the beauty around me. This is time I will never get back.

I need to simplify and slow down. I have decided I will stop teaching CCD, and Andy is going to finish teaching this year then take a break from teaching next year. We are also going to look at cutting other things out of our lives, though there are not many other things we can cut out. I need to spend more time in quiet, even if it's just sitting in the car after work before I drive off or going to bed 15 or 30 min early. I am thinking about seeing a counselor for 3 or 4 sessions just to go over some strategies for developing a better attitude, having less stress, and enjoying the next 18 months. Besides, I know staying home is not easy either, and if I can't enjoy this time in my life, will I really enjoy staying home?