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Countdown to Graduation: T + 2 months

Sorry I have been so distant lately, not writing nor following. We have been busy - my husband with an 18 credit last semester, and me with working, and both with our boys. Then Andy's applying for jobs, followed by a time of transition. Yes, that's right: transition! Wonderful transition! To the very thing we have been working so hard for these last three or four years. Andy has found a job as a financial analyst, just 15 miles south of us, and I have just completed my first week at home! Andy is working at a foundry, in the office, helping with their internal accounting. Everyone seems to be great and helpful, and generally happy and friendly.
With this new transition also, and with learning to be a stay-at-home mom, I'm wanting to start a new blog. I'm trying to start one on, titled "Adventures of a New-at-Home Mom." Hopefully it will be up and running soon.
I am very excited to be starting my time at home. While I know being home is…