Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blaise this morning: "My friend Jake fell down the stairs when he was a baby. And he hurt his eye [puts his finger in his eye], and he hurt his nose [squishes his nose inward], and he hurt his knee [points to his knee]. And he got really mad [makes an angry face, squinting his eyes]."
Me: "Oh no. Is he ok now?"
Blaise: "No, he's still mad."

Friday, March 12, 2010

Have you seen this?!

This the new abortion "super center" in Houston Texas. It is a 78,000 square foot building complete with a surgical center for performance of late-term abortions. Apparently, if this national health care plan passes, more funding, $11 billion over 5 years, will be given for more "community health centers" such as this one.

Please call or email your senators and representatives, especially if they are "on the fence" about this health care plan. One way to do this is on NCHLA's (National Committee for a Human Life Amendment) website:

And pray! Mary says that prayer and fasting can stop wars and save lives.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Had He Not Come

"Wake up, O man - it was for you that God was made man! Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light. For you, I say, was God made man. Eternal death would have awaited you had he not been born in time. Never would you be freed from your sinful flesh, had he not taken to himself the likeness of sinful flesh. Everlasting would be your misery, had he not performed this act of mercy. You would not have come to life again had he not come to die your death. You would have broken down, had he not come to help you. You would have perished, had he not come. Let us joyfully celebrate the coming of our salvation and redemption."
-St. Augustine

My Husband Got a Sticker Today!

Andy got a sticker today for a homework assignment in which he earned a 6/6 - the only 6/6 in his university financial accounting class. As strange as a sticker on a college-level homework assignment seems to my husband and I, the funniest things is, Andy says, this teacher is what you may picture when you think of a university-level accounting teacher - monotone and very dry sense of humor. A cute little smiley-face sticker seems out of character in that case. But perhaps it puts a smile on his face in the midst of grading some very numerical and perhaps boring homework assignments. It certainly put a smile on our faces!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Transfiguration Moments and Perseverance

I have heard about perseverance in two different contexts this week.

A dear priest whose Mass we were able to attend this weekend, spoke of perseverance in his homily. Life, he said, is full of ups and downs. Sometimes life is "fun." Other times it seems to be a drag and full of misery. We would love to stay in those fun and carefree moments and spend our lives there, but like Peter, James, and John who wanted to stay at the sight of the Transfiguration, we must also leave the mountain and return to life and usual and will also need to face pain and trials again. But it is those moments that need to carry us through the difficult times. We need to remember the times of joy and the times in which we feel we can reach out and touch God when we are facing despair.

A reflection I read about the healing of Jairus' young daughter (Luke 8:40-56) in The Better Part(John Bartunek, LC) states " perseveres when confronted with obstacles. When Jairus' servants come to tell him that his daughter is already dead, his hope vanishes. What can be done? Jesus tells him to believe. At that point, the only reason to believe is Jesus' own command. Rationally speaking, the story is over. But Jairus, seeing the look in Christ's eyes when the Lord tells him, 'Do not fear...' decides to bank on Jesus. Imagine the long walk back to his house, walking side by side with Jesus. What was he thinking? How he must have had to battle a rush of doubts and sadness, putting his trust in the word and presence of Christ alone. And his faith in the Lord, in the end, is rewarded."

So what can I conclude by these two reflections? Perseverance in times of distress is difficult. At times, we just want to stop or to escape our situation. While we must step aside to pray at times and take care of ourselves, we cannot escape. Jesus did not promise us a life free from hardships but did promise that He would be there with us through our hardships. But we must have faith, relying on Him and trusting in His promises. And we must remember those times in which He was faithful to His promises. As Sister Marie told us moms on our last moms' retreat, faith is experiential; it grows as we experience God's goodness in our lives. By remembering Jesus' faithfulness in other times in our lives, we will have faith that He continues to be with us and will again show His faithfulness and love to us.

Countdown to Graduation: 15 months

Continuing the countdown: fifteen months until Andy's tentative graduation date. As he looks ahead at his summer and fall classes, it does look as though he will indeed graduate in fifteen months.

And I am grateful that I will be able to cut back to 20 hours of work in five months. That will be such a blessing for our family. And five months will likely come quickly!