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Update - over 2 years later

My goodness, it's been a long time since I've posted. I realized again, when a friend of mine started reading through my posts, that it has been over 2 YEARS since I last posted! I thought I'd write a brief update in case anyone still has my blog on their follow list or in case anyone happens to stop by. As I looked over my blog list, it seems many of those I had been following are still writing. If any of those people stop by, let me tell you, I admire you for it! And I hope to catch up soon on much of what you've been up to!

I'll have to update my picture also. Our kids have grown, as kids do, and two children are not even in the picture. Blaise is 9 1/2, Isaac is 8, and Rose (our "baby") is almost 2. And - not that this would make the picture yet - we're expecting #4 in September!

So our family is growing, and, praise be to God, the other things I had been waiting for, sometimes patiently, other times not so patiently :p have come to fruition. Andy…